In recent years medical professionals have identified salicylates as an ingredient that not only aggravates sensitive skin but can in fact be the cause.

In the most severe cases the toxic overload can effect the respiratory system, sensitive skin and outbreaks of eczema.

Personal experience with issues caused by salicylate overload has driven Sharon to find a solution to reduce intake through the largest organ of the body, the skin, and develop FaceWise to help support a low salicylate lifestyle.

All FaceWise products are animal friendly and are proudly made in the UK. Our packaging is fully recyclable.


Many of us believe that natural and organic are best, but this is not the case for people to have experienced salicylate overload. 

Salicylic acid is naturally present in fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, wine and a myriad of other products, however in its concentrated form (whether sourced naturally or replicated synthetically) it has been widely used in a range of cosmetics and domestic products for over a decade due to its preservative qualities, affordability and ease of manufacture.

Although for many users contact with salicylates does not pose a problem, the human body would never come into contact with such high or concentrated quantities in the natural world. Due to the nature of build-up and overload over a long period of time, many consumers will not realise they have a problem  until they start to experience symptoms that mean their body is already under stress – and even then, many are not diagnosed with an intolerance to salicylates. In most severe cases the toxic overload can affect the respiratory system, sensitive skin and cause outbreaks of eczema.

It is telling that reported instances of skin sensitivity have risen in the past decade, despite more products than ever designed for use on sensitive skin have been launched in the market – this also reflects the length of time that salicylates have been widely present in a whole array of products that consumers use every day.

Personal experience with issues caused by salicylate overload has driven Sharon Maughan to find a solution and create a high quality, affordable skincare range for everyday use.

FaceWise products are gentle, created by professionals and developed to combat rising salicylates, whilst leaving skin gently nourished. Formulated to keep you looking glowing and radiant, while cutting out the harmful additives that can enter through your skin.