Step 1 : Melting Cleansing Balm

• With dry hands remove the solid balm and gently work between your palms Apply directly to the face and neck

• Massage using gentle circular motions as the balm melts into the skin

• Wet fingertips with warm water and continue to massage the face and neck helping to remove dirt from clogged pores

• The oil based formula effortlessly melts away any make up – including eye make up 

• Rinse liberally with warm water or remove with a warm wet muslin and pat dry with a face cloth or towel

• Skin is left feeling supple, refreshed and ready to apply our Essential Eye Cream, Moisturising Day Cream and Revitalising Face Oil

Step 2 : Essential Eye Cream

• To give eyes an instant refresh morning and night, gently dab our cream under the delicate eye area and over the eye ridge

• Then glide away from the inner to the outer corners

Step 3 : Revitalising Face Oil

• Formulated for all skin types our lightweight oil is absorbed effortlessly into the skin

• Once cleansed apply a few drops onto skin and massage in

• The Revitalising Face Oil can be mixed with the Moisturising Day Cream to create a rich night moisturiser

Step 4 : Moisturising Day Cream

• Apply to the face and neck

• Work into the skin with fluid upward sweeping motions

• These movements will help reduce puffiness and aid the skin’s absorption, leaving it hydrated