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Award-winning British actress, director, producer and entrepreneur, Sharon Maughan developed health problems in 2009 due to a reaction to salicylates, known as salicylic overload. Suffering from symptoms including breathing problems, nasal polyps, eczema and incredibly sensitive skin she had major surgery and was warned to make significant lifestyle changes, and drastically limit her salicylate intake or risk the condition returning within 6 months.

Salicylates’ common presence in cosmetics, food, cleaning products, perfume and more, means many others have also developed reactions - although Sharon’s reaction was extreme, salicylate build up can affect sufferers with a varying spectrum of severity over time,  with it becoming more widely recognised by the medical profession as a problem ingredient for some consumers. Sharon’s experiences now mean she has a heightened understanding of how to limit internal and eternal exposure and is passionate about helping other sufferers live a lower salicylate lifestyle. 

Since 2012 she has been on a journey to develop a line of skincare products that can help to provide the solution. Using the best natural ingredients, Sharon has developed FaceWise, the go to for intelligent skincare.

The Solution

"The carefully curated FaceWise collection is free from salicylates and perfect for all skin types. I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Sharon Maughan - Biography

Sharon was born in Liverpool, and went to RADA at 17. Among her notable early roles was Rachel in Granada’s Shabby Tiger in 1973. The same year, she was in the original production of Habeas Corpus at the Lyric Theatre in London. In 1977 she joined the cast of Zeffirelli’s Filumena where she met her future husband, actor Trevor Eve. Various stage and television work followed, including the highly successful series The Flame Trees of Thika. She was then cast with Anthony Head in the long-running Nescafe Gold Blend adverts. Other stage and television work followed and in 2006 she joined the cast of BBC’s hit medical drama Holby City. Sharon’s film credits include The Bank Job, She’s Out of My League, and Untitled, for which she received the Best Lead Actress award at the Nice International Filmmaker Festival. She and Trevor have been married for almost forty-five years and they have three children, including actor Alice Eve. A serious health scare provided the impetus for Sharon to create her own brand of skincare products, FaceWise, which offers low salicylate and salicylate-free solutions to those with sensitive skin and potential salicylate overload.

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